Caring and Cleaning Tips for Curtains, Shades, and Drapes

Well, window coverings come in different sizes, styles, and varieties. In fact, there are hundreds of them for you to choose from. And so, picking up a suitable window treatment in Edmonton becomes a fun-filled activity as you get to play with different fabrics, materials, and colors to create your own custom window coverings in Edmonton. As you choose your fabrics and the type of window treatments, you should know that some of items that go into your window treatment will require minimal care, however, on the other hand, there would be some delicate and sensitive fabrics that may require extra care.

Irrespective of what you choose for your window treatment, we will walk you through some wash and care tips for your window coverings in Edmonton. Let’s dig in here.

Do you why your neighbor’s window coverings are always blooming like a fresh flower. They look fabulous all the time because your neighbor is taking care of the fabrics properly. She must be making sure that the fabrics are not catching dust, dirt, and grime. When you start taking care of these things, you will also observe that your window coverings are looking as good as new.

To start with, here are some basic guidelines that you must follow while look after your window coverings.

• Maintain a regular habit of dusting and vacuuming on both the sides of the shades or drapes.

• The most neglected part of the window coverings is the top, and so, you must pay close attention to the top area as the creases and pleats collect more dust. It includes the cascades, cornices, swags, valances, and so on.

• Once you have cleaned your window coverings, check if you have damaged or broken anything. Specifically, you should look for broken string loops, dropping hems, torn stitching, and if you see anything, go for immediate repairs.

• If you spot any soiled areas on the shades or curtains, immediately spot clean it.

• Never use any strong detergents or spot removers as they can fade the color and weaken the fibers.

What we just suggested are general care and clean instructions for your window coverings in Edmonton. However, you will get specific cleaning instructions from your designer who helped you design your window.

You can talk to your décor person and find out the specific details about the fabrics used and the best way to deal with the tough stains and dirt in case something gets stuck there.

For more information about window treatments in Edmonton, you can reach out to us.

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