COVID-19: Myths Vs Facts

As every day more and more lies are being exposed about the response on COVID-19 by American Government and the US Congress, it becomes evident that those in positions of power and influence have knowingly risked millions of lives for tiny political points, which could end up threatening not only the idea of leadership, but also democratic process. Through the use of top leadership spokespersons and a variety of other means, the truth has been repeatedly misused to convince innocent people to undermine COVID-19, and thus ignore their own health. The skeletons are coming out of the closets, and bodies are being buried in the millions, the people from America have come to terms with the terrible mess they’ve caused.

As if the disease as a whole was not frightening enough, the use of the issue as a serious one to build political traction and hold the country at ransom is the ultimate tipping point. In the battle to take over uncontested power, not just thousands of innocent lives have were sacrificed, but the true heroes of this catastrophe security of healthcare workers as well as the first emergency response teams have been harmed and their heroic efforts have not received the recognition they deserve. If this gruesome situation persists as the norm it won’t be long before the fires start to roar and the people lose confidence in the goodness of humanity and which will lead to the total demise of our civilized society.

Therefore, with the goal to dispel misconceptions and dispel falsehoods, we’ve chosen to create an entirely new segment called COVID-19 Myths and Facts in which we debate an enraged Myth about COVID-19 which is circulating through social media. We will then deconstruct it to determine its truth before finally presenting the true facts.

The Myth that exposing yourself sunlight or direct sunlight will help to eliminate COVID 19 germs

COVID19 disease-causing germs are tiny living organisms or viruses that require an unhealthy host body for survival. If the body of the host has a healthy condition, it can remain in a state of dormancy, without causing any unwelcome health repurcussions. But if that same person is moving through a congested or crowded public space, he is at the ability to transmit the virus to other people. Therefore, weather has no impact on the development or the destruction of COVID the disease-causing germs. When the weather is cold, COVID germs are more seeking the host body to escape the hostile conditions that are outside.

The COVID-19 virus is at all times in warm weather moving about the world seeking a host to attack. A person who is infected or a dormant COVID-19 virus does not just be a conduit for germs to multiply but also help the virus to reproduce under favorable conditions. Wearing face Masks and using hand Sanitizers in public areas is extremely effective in limiting the virus and limiting it from free movement.

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