Denim Jeans guide for Men

A denim jean is that one apparel that effortlessly goes great with anything. Put on a pair of rugged brown suede boots and a plain black t-shirt, and you’re good to go for the casual Friday night out! The right jeans can make you look more stylish as well as give you much-needed confidence. We always recommend that you go for skinny fit denim on your legs, but there are several more choices in the market that you can choose from. At the end of the day, choosing the perfect jeans implies that you are picking the right size, right cut and making way for your legs to feel comfortable all the time. Remember, the rule here is to pick the right comfort without compromising the style statement. Check the run-down list below!

1) Skin Fit Jeans– One of the most demanded and readily available denim jeans is the one that highlights the shape of the body, such as skin fit jeans or a slim jean. A skinny/skin-fit jeans are not too tight from the waist and allow you to have a little stretch on the waist area. They highlight the shape of the legs and can go with casual, professional or even ethnic apparel!

2) Straight Jeans– These are a little baggier than the skinny jeans, but not by a significant margin. You will find wider leg openings and a generously straight fir that goes straight from the hip to thigh. They do not highlight the legs’ shape as prominently as their skinny brothers, but if you are looking for something more regular, you might give the straight jeans a try.

3) Loose Fit Jeans- This one gives you plenty of comfort due to the shape of them being too baggy. Comparing this to others on the list, these pair of jeans give you the most breathing space around the thighs. If you feel that you have gained a few pounds in these few years and skin fit is not the option at this point, go with this one until you get to trade those extra kilos for a whole bag of style at the gym.

4) Slim Jeans- These pairs of denim are a little different than the skinny fit ones. These have a tight fit with an even tapered opening for the legs.

5) Tapered Jeans- These ones go narrow as they come down towards the end of the legs but are significantly more expansive on the waist area. These are identified by looking at the tapered ankle area of the jeans. Great buy for an occasion, but mostly preferred by straight jeans enthusiasts.

Thereare several other types of denim that I haven’t mentioned here but google themwhen you have a chance and see if you’d find any that you think would lookgreat on your body type. A quick tip if you are shopping in a store, take yourregular size, one size up and one size less all at once in the changing room-In that way, you won’t be circling around from the storefront back to thechanging room three-four times!

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