Don’t Let Frauds Fool You; Check Mileage with These Tips!

Are you in the market looking out for buying a pre-loved car? Or you are exploring the options of a secondhand car and have fallen in love with one. But the owners claim it hasn’t been used much, but the state of the car tells you a different story.  

You might think of checking the odometer, but that looks fine. You are in a fix now; how to tell how many miles a car has without odometer 

There are various ways through which you can find out exactly how much the car has been used. California law exempt seller disclosure California. 

This article will discuss how you can find out the mileage of the used car you are planning to buy. 

How to tell how many miles a car has without odometer?  

1- Mileage scanner 

You can use the odometer scanner to find the mileage from the broken odometer; you can connect it to OBD and access the memory. The scan tool then displays the mileage. Some vehicles find the stored odometer data in the OBD port, whereas few may store them in the main computer or dashboard gauge cluster.  

2- Data from vehicle key memory 

A few vehicle companies store the mileage in the key where there is a chip inside it. If you want to find out the mileage, you should give your key to your dealership, get it scanned and get the reports.  

3- The Dealership 

An experienced mechanic or a dealership will have the knowledge and equipment to find the mileage data easily. They have expensive professional scanners that can find out your vehicle’s mileage in a few seconds.  

4- Vehicle history report 

You can obtain a vehicle history report which will collect information regarding repairs, sales, and mileage data from department records and state inspection centers. It is very easy for them to find out the mileage of your car for you.  

5- Maintenance record 

We suggest looking at maintenance records. They are much more accurate than a history report. You can call your dealership to obtain them if you cannot find them. The tire shops you visit also record mileage so that you can contact them too.  

 It is always preferable to be safe than sorry. Find out the mileage of the car you buy to exempt seller disclosure California.   

To sum up,  

Make sure to keep the points as mentioned above in mind before you make any purchases. People try to scam you in various ways, and you should always stay ahead of them. It is always better to be aware of certain things instead of getting scammed by frauds out there. 

If you are someone a scammer has wronged in any way, you can take action. You should consult Allen Stewart for what you can do next. They are the best attorney that can help you combat your losses.  

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