Everything you need to know about odometer disclosure statement and lowering the miles in a digital odometer

Odometer tampering has become easy, and many people have started doing it to misrepresent a vehicle’s mileage. An odometer is a device used to record a vehicle’s total mileage. Everyone knows that a vehicle’s working condition depends on its total mileage. Vehicles with higher mileage (on the odometer) will usually have low price since it is reaching their end life and is likely to have many defects and problems.

Usually, second-hand vehicle dealers solve this problem by altering the odometer, which is illegal as it misrepresents mileage. Doing such a thing will help them sell the vehicle at a higher price, which will affect the victim in many ways. If you want to know how to lower the miles on a digital odometer in Texas, use the information provided here.

Methods to lower the miles on a digital odometer

Some people do not know that a vehicle’s odometer is easy to alter and will unknowingly fall for such traps. By knowing how the odometer is tampered with, you will be able to identify related vehicles.

    • By using odometer correction tools

There are different types of odometer correction tools the odometer adjustment tool, odometer programmer, speedometer correction tool, and mileage correction tool. You can use these tools to lower the miles in a digital odometer. It is a cost-effective and easy method for lowering the mileage with the help of a computer system.

Using such tools for misrepresenting the vehicle’s mileage is considered illegal. It is completely against the odometer disclosure statement in Indiana and will not always be perfect. Thus, you will have to face serious fines and legal charges.

    • By using the mileage blocker tool

The mileage blocker tool is not a method for lowering the mileage, but it will stop recording it. Thus, the vehicle will always have a lower mileage (like a paused odometer).

About the odometer disclosure statement

Federal law states that the auto dealer or seller should provide an odometer disclosure statement while selling the vehicle. odometer disclosure statement in Indiana is a part of the federal odometer law wherein every motor vehicle seller must disclose the current (actual) mileage to the purchaser while transferring the ownership. People who do not follow this statement, resetting, disconnecting, or altering the vehicle’s odometer is considered odometer fraud. With the help of federal odometer law, victims of such practices can file a case for a complete refund or a solution for their problems.


Are you planning to find out how to lower the miles on a digital odometer? Then you can find the solution here. An odometer disclosure statement is necessary because mileage is a key factor in determining a vehicle’s condition. Hiring a related lawyer will be the best choice if you are a victim of odometer fraud.

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