Facts You Should Know About Denture Repairs

Dentures are one of the most essential items that help you to be at your best in social settings. Additionally, it allows you to eat comfortably and present yourself with confidence. However, broken dentures can cause the wearer a lot of discomforts and disrupt their day-to-day life.

Damage to dentures can occur suddenly or develop gradually over some time. If your dentures break unexpectedly, you should get them repaired immediately.

This article provides you information on seeking denture repair, which could help restore your smile, reduce pain, and avoid serious oral health issues.

What Is Denture Repair?

There are many reasons why a denture might need repair. Though dentures today use good quality materials and are well-made, they could still break, become too loose or tight or develop cracks.

Denture repair typically involves fixing the framework of your dentures. Dentures that are broken can often be restored to perfect condition with a repair. Usually, denture repairs are executed in a dental laboratory by a skilled technician, as directed by a dentist.

If a denture needs repair, it is delivered to a laboratory. However, before that, the dentist will examine the denture in detail and provide complete instructions to the lab technician. This helps avoid any lapses and helps make the repair process go ahead smoothly to derive the best results.

Many dental laboratories provide same-day denture repairs, which considerably cuts down the wait time.

What Steps To Follow If The Denture Breaks?

If your denture needs a repair, you should consider the following steps:

· Do not try to fix the dentures at home for short-term usage
· Call up your dentist’s office to set up a denture repair appointment.
· Use any spare set of dentures if you have them

What Glue Is Used For Denture Repairs?

Denture repairs are done using special glue that is made for that purpose. Dentures with breaks or splits cannot be repaired with ordinary glue.

Chewing exerts a lot of force on the dentures, and they will not be able to withstand it and will break again.

Why Is Professional Denture Repair Necessary?

Dental professionals who perform denture repairs have the technical skills and experience required for the job. It would be best if you never tried to fix your broken dentures yourself.

Many times, messing with your dentures can cause them more damage instead of fixing them. Always get a dental professional to repair your dentures for trouble-free and long-lasting results.


Broken, cracked, or loose dentures can affect your smile, confidence as well as functionality. If you are looking for a professional denture repair laboratory to fix your broken or ill-fitting dentures and seek same day denture repairs, please get in touch with Baluke Dental Studios.

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