Five Perks of Installing a Radiant Floor Heating

In the cold winters, the only thing that can help you and your family stay warm is the heater. There are so many types of HVAC systems that you can get for your home.

But one new technology which is slowly being adopted by a lot of builders and homeowners is radiant floor heating. There are many reasons why this is becoming so popular these days.

This article is here to talk about Radiant floor heating in Ottawa and why you adopt this form of heating for your home.

1- The comfort of your family 

If you are looking for the most relaxing type of heating system, then the radiant floor heating system is the one for you. Imagine getting out of a shower and feeling the warm floor; it can be the most amazing feeling in the cold. Or laying on a nice toasty floor on a winter night is the best way to warm your house. You and your family will love this system together.

2- Energy efficient 

It is one of the most energy-efficient ways to warm your house. Since the hot air comes from the floor, it settles where the people are and not on the ceiling. It works very well if you have solar or geothermal, which can make radiant floor heating even more efficient and less energy-consuming.

3- Enjoy peace and quiet 

When it comes to a traditional heating system, the furnace, the pipes, and everything makes quite a lot of noise when they are switched on. But on the contrary, a radiant system works quietly, which means there won’t be any unnecessary noise that would be troubling you. Also, floor heating systems do not need the upkeep that an HVAC system requires.

4- Better air quality 

The HVAC blowers can sometimes move around dust particles and allergens if the filters are not cleaned properly. But that’s different with a radiant floor heating system. The radiant system makes use of a pump instead of a blower to move the hot water around; there are no pollutants that you have to worry about.

5- Many options for installation 

One of the best elements of the system is that you can either choose multiple rooms where you want this system to be installed or you can install them in your entire house. The choice is yours; this means you can choose certain zones which can have specific temperatures.

Over to you, 

These are why more and more people are drawn over radiant floor heating in Ottawa. There are many perks and benefits of getting this system for your home. It is energy efficient and the most comfortable form of heating. If you are looking for a company to buy radiant systems from, check Airzone HVAC.

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