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Gifting flowers with beautiful vases is becoming a massive trend. Because flowers will wither away one day, but the vases remain to help remember the person who gifted those precious flowers. Some like to present only flower vases that can charm you to no end. So, where to buy exclusive pieces? You will find some of the most exotic and exclusive pieces when you buy flower vases online.

Professional designers from all over the world showcase their unique products on their websites, where you may surf and purchase the items of your choice. You will find vases in various materials like ceramic, glass stoneware, terracotta, metal, wood and more.

When you plan to buy flower vases online for someone special or to decorate your home or office, you must check as many websites as possible to get the best deal and style.

Glass vases are very much in demand when it comes to gifting vases. Glassmiths or glassblowers create new items every day that they post and sell online. If you like to keep goldfish in a vase with fresh plants, you must check out vases made of glass that have enough space for the fishes to move around and have an added advantage of being kept with live plants.

A shaded glass vase is a perfect accessory for your living or bedroom. These are usually hand-blown glass vases that come in vibrant, eye-catching colours and designs. You may find vases made of stained glass, hand-painted glass, Murano glass and others.

Murano glass from the Islands of Murano is a mixture of silica, soda, lime and potassium melted together at 1500­ degrees Celsius to reach a liquid state. While moulding, both precious and nonprecious metal is added to the liquid to render a vibrant colour. Gold, silver, copper and many more metals and minerals are added to the liquid to produce a sparkling colour, texture and design. Mouthblown and handcrafted, Murano glass vases have a rich history and artistic value. So, if you buy flower vases online, get something exclusive like a Murano glass vase from the Island of Murano.

Hand-painted vases are unique pieces as every piece is designed differently by the painter. You may also check out vintage glass vases when you buy flower vases online.

It is quite common to see glass vases decorated with plants and flowers in trendy boutiques and coffee shops.

As for shape, round vases look good everywhere but, cylindrical, hourglass, rectangular shapes are also quite popular. You may find vases shaped as-

  • Milk bottle
  • Rustic vase
  • Bouquet vase
  • Bud vase
  • Mason jar vase
  • Square cube vase
  • Cylindrical vase

The first thing to keep in mind while selecting a vase is where would you display it.

Will it be with flowers?

There are a variety of types available when you plan to buy flowers online. For a small bouquet, you may go for table vases.

For large bouquets, heavy-bottomed floor vases are suitable.

Hanging wall vases are much popular where there is less floor space. And if you have pets at home, a wall vase would be practical to avoid accidents.

Also, check for the height and width of the vases when you buy flower vases online. If you are planning to decorate a single or few flowers, a small slim vase would be enough, whereas if it’s a bouquet you want to decorate, you must check the size of the vase, especially the mouth, that should be able to hold a big bunch without losing balance.

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