Glaucoma Can Be Dangerous When Not Treated

Glaucoma is a dangerous eye illness that worsens over time and can result in irreversible blindness. Taking the correct precautions, on the other hand, can help to protect your optic nerve and retain your vision. It is rarely straightforward. It’s something we’ve all seen.

Glaucoma comes in a variety of forms, but they all cause damage to the optic nerve. The light impulses collected by your retina are carried to your brain by these nerves, one for each eye. The impulses are subsequently reviewed by your brain, which processes them as the visuals you see.


One of the best things about glaucoma is the diversity of ideas on how to care for patients by eye specialist Dublin, which can be problematic for those who want straightforward answers. This can happen for a variety of reasons.

Damage to the optic nerve, unfortunately, results in vision loss. Changes in your vision may be minor in the early stages of glaucoma. They do, however, continue to deteriorate as the nerve disease progresses.

Patients present with a variety of symptoms, such as POAG or secondary glaucoma, as well as at various phases of the disease, ranging from early too late.

Glaucoma is caused by a rise in ocular pressure in the majority of cases. This pressure damages the optic nerve over time, and if glaucoma is left untreated, the constant pressure destroys the nerve, resulting in irreversible vision loss.

This is complicated by the fact that patients may perform better on some tests but not on others, and they may even perform better on one test one time but not the next, as with a visual field test.

The most common type is “open-angle glaucoma.” The good news is that the vision problems associated with open-angle glaucoma often worsen gradually over time. If you have this disabling condition, there are numerous precautions we can take to protect your vision.

To add to the complication, there are a variety of treatment methods available, ranging from drops to laser and surgery, each with its own set of dangers and benefits, some of which are unknown. It goes without saying that there is no one-size-fits-all method to treating glaucoma sufferers.

Glaucoma causes increased eye pressure due to an abnormal buildup of fluid within the eyes. The level of this naturally occurring fluid (aqueous humor) is usually quite stable. And, if necessary, excess fluid drains out through the trabecular meshwork, a complex tissue structure.

Glaucoma is defined as alterations in the optic nerve that cause vision field loss. The loss of retinal ganglion cells is what’s truly going on (RGC). If your body creates too much of this fluid or if your drainage system isn’t working properly, you’ll have troubles which is why seeking treatment from eye specialist Dublin is important.

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