Guide To Buy Table Lamp Online India

Who does not want to have at least one table lamp in their home?

It’s something we love to keep at home, required or not whether, for decoration purposes in the corner of your bedroom or on your study table or maybe in the sitting room, we all at some point want one.

But, choosing the best table lamp that would suit your room and need is not an easy task.

As most of us are unaware of the various types of lamps available in the market, here is a guide to give a small glimpse of some table lamps one can find. As more and more people search for Indian designs, here is a list of what you can get when you plan to buy table lamps online India.

When we think about Indian décor, we think about the old Maharaja and Maharanis, Palaces, colourful threads, motifs, gold-zari work, beads and sequins and intricate embroidery. From such tradition, you may find lamps and lampshades, table lamps, desk lamps etc.

A table lamp inspired by ethnic colours, designs and motifs are bound to bring the Indian vibe to any room or space.

Before you buy table lamp online India, you must conclude where would you like to place it. The height and space of the room where you want your table lamp matter. Because usually, when you keep a table lamp on a table, it looks taller and makes your room look smaller. The trickiest part while choosing a table lamp is determining the height.

Now the main issue is what kind of lamp do you require?

There is so much variety available when you start your search to buy table lamps online India. You will find that they have different names and purposes.

Such as:

Decorative table lamps:

As the name suggests, it is primarily used as a decorative item.

Tiffany lamps:

These are lamps with a glass shade made with cut recoloured glass pieces designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The irregular upper and lower border lamps carry an openwork crown edge that helps to stimulate a branch, a tree, or shrubbery. Any lamp with a comparable or similar look is called a tiffany lamp. You can search for various types of tiffany lamps available and buy table lamps online India.

Bankers lamp:

This lamp has a solid metal stand with an emerald green glass conceal.

Fibre optic table lamps:

Fibre optic lighting transmits light from a light source to a remote location. These lamps come in various shades and look fascinating.

Nightstand lamps:

Most people use nightstand lamps for reading purposes. The best thing about them is that they do not illuminate the whole room. They light up your bedside without upsetting your partner sleeping on the other side.

Study lamps:

These are specially used, for studying purposes. These are very useful for desk work like reading, writing or working on your personal computer.

Piano lamps:

This lamp is on a level plane extended to cover the width of the tune sheet of the piano. Though, these are now used as a substitute for study lamps.

All in all, you will find trendy, brilliant and striking table lamps when you plan to buy table lamps online India.

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Whether you want to create a moody environment or simply read a book in peace, you have a perfect lamp for every occasion.

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