Is the Enneagram of Personality useful?

A typology system describing human personality is called the Enneagram of Personality. This system focuses on personality types that are interconnected. For instance, a person could be a reformer, mediator or one who is always ready to assist. Another individual could be a contender or an enthusiast. But is the Enneagram of Personality useful? Why does one need it, and who are the people who use it? Let’s find out.

Understanding the Enneagram of Personality

The Enneagram of Personality is a nine-point diagram with points representing nine basic types and 27 sub-types of personality.

According to Enneagram theorists, people who are dominant from birth can be changed by their experiences, environmental and other factors. Though their basic personality will not change, some elements of that personality will not be expressed. Different environments, habits and other factors will have an impact on the indicated traits, connecting them to other personality traits on the diagram.

It brings out our strengths and weaknesses

Many are critical of this test and say that it is flawed, but the enneagram test can be a useful self-evaluation tool. Its greatest benefit is that it helps us in finding out the basic personality type, which indicates our weaknesses and strengths.

We can then work on our weaknesses and use the strengths to our advantage. For instance, we can look for jobs that require those strengths and engage in activities that connect to our personality type. This knowledge makes us aware of the goals we should set for ourselves and the ways in which we can achieve these goals.

The more self-aware we are, the better we can become at interacting with people within our family, social circle and at work. This can also enhance our leadership and communication skills. The test is not a tool for comparing one personality type to another, but it simply points out to our personality type. How we use this information is up to us.

How to use the Enneagram of Personality

This is a self-analysis tool, not a test to force changes in your personality. It is not possible to completely change the dominant personality we are born with. Nor do we need to.

Wrong use of the test can become stressful for us, especially if we think that a certain personality type is ‘better’ than others. Besides, there are issues with the test itself. The personality types can be generalized if you exclude the other two personalities on the diagram’s sides, taking into account just the basic personality.

The Enneagram can be an excellent tool for self-analysis if you choose to use the strengths and work on the weaknesses rather than avoiding them altogether.


The Enneagram has evolved as one of the most powerful tools in the development and coaching environment. Over the years, the Enneagram has helped fast-track insights, growth and integration. Apart from that, it has also helped provide durability and magnitude to the development process over a period of time.

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