Oral Thrush: Symptoms You Should Know About

Oral thrush, also referred to as oral candidiasis, can be described as a condition that is characterized by the fungus Candida albicans gathering on your mouth’s lining. While the presence of an organism like Candida in your mouth is not abnormal, you should be alarmed when it shows signs of overgrowing and lead to some dangerous symptoms that could affect your oral health adversely. If you are dealing with oral thrush in Calgary, TS Oral Health is a clinic you should get in touch with.

Oral thrush leads to the occurrence of creamy white lesions on your inner cheeks or tongue. This is one of the most prominent symptoms associated with oral thrush. As soon as you spot something of this nature, you should get in touch with a reliable clinic for the treatment of oral thrush in Calgary. There is also a possibility of oral thrush spreading across the roof area of your mouth, tonsils, gums and even the back or rear end of your throat.

While anybody could get affected by oral thrush, it is largely known to affect children and those individuals who suffer from low immunity.The symptoms are more prominent in those who have a weakened immune system. If you are feeling a loss of taste, there could be a chance of you suffering from oral thrush. A cotton-like feeling or sensation in your mouth could also indicate towards oral thrush. Another common symptom is finding it difficult to eat or swallow food because of some pain or difficulty.

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