Reasons to opt for a Tooth Implant in Scarborough

When you lose a tooth, a common procedure the dentist recommends is a tooth implant. Some major reasons behind tooth loss are the absence of or poor oral hygiene, infected gums, tooth decay, or buildup of tartar and plaque.

The tooth implant procedure involves placing an artificial tooth root in the jawbone, creating a strong and permanent structure and foundation for the tooth that will be replaced. In a tooth implant intervention, not only the tooth but the root itself is replaced. So it is different from other tooth replacement procedures.

Not replacing a lost tooth leads to a domino effect that can literally ruin your life. The tooth beside the lost one shifts towards the empty space, and soon all your teeth shift one after another. This destroys the perfect, natural alignment of the teeth and the way they come together for a bite. This can cause injuries in your mouth and cause problems while eating.

What is the right time to opt for a tooth implant?

If your teeth are missing but you prefer not to get crowns, bridges and dentures, or if you are unable to get them, then tooth implants become necessary.

Apart from making your mouth look good, a tooth implant is also important for the proper functioning of your mouth. A tooth implant keeps the teeth normally aligned, enabling you to bite your food properly.

It also ensures a healthy jaw bone and prevents decaying of the bone. If you do not replace the pulled tooth, it could deteriorate the jaw bone. After all, it is the process of chewing that keeps the jawbone in shape.

Benefits of tooth implants

Apart from the obvious physical advantages of getting a tooth implant, there are important aesthetic benefits too. A lost tooth can badly affect your self-confidence, while a dental implant can replace the tooth and make you feel confident and healthy again. You can eat heartily but also laugh and smile without becoming self-conscious, which has a tremendous impact on your life.

The best thing about getting a tooth implant is that you can continue to normally follow your daily dental care routine, such as brushing and flossing, without any worries. With other options such as dentures, this routine becomes cumbersome.

If you think you might need a tooth implant, consult a dentist and first ensure that you really need one. Your dentist can advise you if a tooth implant is needed and can also suggest the right treatment plan that suits you.


Due to the advancement of technology in the field of dentistry, tooth implants have emerged as one of the safest and the most effective solutions to dental problems.

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