Secrets To The Best Pie In The World

This article is all about helping you make the best pie in the world. The best pie is the kind that truly stick in your mouth with respect to the taste. You cannot simply forget the flavour of it. That is the kind of pie we all want to make. In this article we are going to talk about some of the most important tips which is going to help you make the most wonderful pies in the world. We are particularly focusing on making some of the important considerations that are going to help you make the best pie in the world.


If you are using cold ingredients it is going to help make a better pie crust. If you look close into the ingredients of the pie, you will realize that yourself. This is not very difficult to understand either. The instructions typically dictate that not only the butter must be cold but also the water that you are using must be ice-cold. This is not without a scientific explanation behind it. One of the most important ingredient of the pie is fat. Fat is that one ingredient which is going to determine if your pie is going to be great or otherwise. And for that, the fat needs to be cold, else you make a mess. You end up getting dough that sticks to the rolling pin or is greasy or you get very tough crust.

Remember that the butter typically melts at 59 degree Fahrenheit. That is way cooler that most of the rooms. And this true even more so during the summers. If it is hot for you, rest assured that it is much hotter for the butter. That is why you have to be very careful with this. If it is really hot, you can consider freezing the butter and then grating the same into a bowl. If it is too hot you can also mix your dough in a bowl that sits on another bowl which is filled with ice and this is one way to keep the temperature low. These are some simply hacks that you have to take into account. And you need to wait until your pie is made before you set your oven on.

A surprising hack is that even your hands ought to be cold. It is called the pastry making hands. But when it is the summers, it is fairly difficult to have pastry making hands. So how exactly do you achieve that? well, you can consider soaking your hands in an ice bath for as long as you can have it there. If you are looking for pie shops in Atlanta, or in case you are looking for southern Pies shop Atlanta GA, consider Emma Lou’s Pies.

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