Six Tips to Elevate your Hallway

Hallway designs are often overlooked by house owners and left to be kept in the dark environment. It is important to understand that hallways act as a connecting line between all the rooms and deserve time and attention, just like your living room. Here are some tips on how you can elevate your hallway space:

1. Use light colors

Narrow hallways due to lack of natural light can be tough to design.
In this case, light colors can be used to paint the walls and give them a more open appearance. Bone or cream tones can be specially used because they allow for more opportunity with art installations and other accessories.

2. Display a collection

It is said that hallways are the perfect place to display items that reflect your aesthetic sense. These items provide a subtle hint of your taste and give an impression that your hallway has been thoughtfully curated. Remember that hallway is the connecting point between all your rooms. Therefore, it is important to decorate it with the right elements to achieve a sense of balance.

3. Play of light

Great lighting instantly elevates even a simple looking space. Since hallways are usually dim-lit, lighting them with beautiful lights will make them look more dynamic and functional. You can even start with a simple step of installing sconces and ceiling light fixtures to make your hallway look more intriguing.

4. Install mirrors

A classic designer trick to open up a small space is using mirrors. However, consider opting for a round mirror instead of going with traditional shapes like square and rectangular. Round mirrors add more style and easily create the illusion of open space.

5. Showcase art pieces

Art pieces can give a sense of completeness in any hallway. They can also provide the necessary color, style or focal point needed to complete the design of any hallway. You can consider installing the original artwork if it suits your pocket, or you can consider framing wallpaper or family portraits. Remember to choose your art piece wisely because it’s like adding a final touch to your hallway design.

6. Create a pop art

Hallways are a good place to display your creativity and personality. It is important that you make the most of this space using vibrant and statement art to make your hallway appear more joyful. Hallways are mostly painted neutral colors, making them a perfect space to experiment with pop art. Start embracing the colors, and don’t be afraid to give your hallway a spectacular appearance.
Hallways are the first thing visitors see upon entering your house. So, it’s important to give them a beautiful appearance and ensure that the elements you have used reflect your personality and aesthetic sense. Consult a professional hallway design service to revamp your hallway now!
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