The best cottage resort in Muskoka

Why is Muskoka famous?

Muskoka is a happy place with thousands of Canadians coming to vacation here during summer and winter. A two-hour ride from Toronto, Muskoka has also been ranked the favorite place for trips for its clean lakes, forests, fishing facilities, skiing, etc. There are various cultural festivals conducted in Muskoka throughout the year.

Why are cottages famous in Muskoka?

Muskoka is also famous for its cottages and earned the name “cottage country” in Ontario. For over a century many people have visited this place because of its cozy environment in the lodge houses. Slowly over the years, these lodges have transformed themselves into cottage resorts providing various services to their customers. It gives off a perfect cottage country experience to its visitors which is why it became a famous destination for vacations and weekend getaways. So, what’s better than staying at a Muskoka cottage resort during your vacation?

Where to stay at Muskoka?

The Hidden Valley Resort is a cottage resort in Muskoka which is famous for being the only lakeside and ski-side cottage resort in the place. Build in the 60s this resort, with a 100-room service and the best views of peninsula lake and Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Club, provides the best services to its customers coming from all around the world. They provide various other services like-

Outdoor and indoor swimming for young travellers

Kayaking the beach

Hiking in the nearby forest



Free canoe services


Boating on the lakes

Other free non-motorized watercrafts

They also offer in-house restaurant facilities which also have an open bar. They have the best chefs who create the most delicious dishes paired with the best services they have to offer.

What is the best time to visit Muskoka?

Muskoka is famous for its warm summers. Although tourists visit this place all around the year, its summer beauty is unparalleled. The sun stays up the longest in the month of July and the highest average temperature in summer is 27 degrees centigrade. The swimming pools and beaches are open to all during the season. Muskoka cottage resorts remain full during the time so it’s best to book it ahead.

Winters in Muskoka are freezing cold making it the perfect season for skiing. The temperatures drop up to -17 degrees during this time. There’s also a fire and ice festival conducted during the season.

How affordable are Muskoka cottages?

Cottages at Muskoka are somewhat affordable. The price range varies something from 150$ to 600$ per night. Special offers and discounts are given for longer stays.

The Hidden Valley Resort at Muskoka offers a 25% discount on the prices if stayed for 3 nights whereas per night charges start from 246$ on the weekdays.

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