Tips To Help You Lose Weight After The Holidays

Tips and strategies to lose weight after the holidays. The first step to do when you want to lose weight following the holiday season is to measure yourself. It’s an easy and straightforward step that many people don’t do. What is the significance of this step? By weighing yourself you’ll determine the amount of weight you have to shed. Also, you will need to figure out the amount of weight you gained during the holidays.

The second step is to conduct a food audit for 72 hours to determine the types of food that you eat most often. This will allows you to identify what that you should cut back on. It could be high-density energy food items like pizza , or fast food. There is also the possibility because the frequency and amount of food you consume has increased. If you find that you’ve eaten more food during the holidays, one strategy that you can implement to lose weight following the holidays is to reduce the amount of food consumed following the holidays. Get started now!

At least drink a glass of water each meal. Why? Research has proven that drinking water prior to meals will help increase the size of your stomach. This method will allow you to feel full even if you’re only 80percent full. This is crucial because eating just 80 percent full is one of the most common habits of the people of Okinawa in Japan where they have the highest percentage of centenarians worldwide (Boyle & Long, 2010). If you’re looking to shed weight without appearing to be something that is difficult, make sure you drink at least two glasses of fluid each meal and eat more vegetables and fruits. This will allow you to cut down on the amount of calories you consume per meal , and gradually lose weight without keeping track of calories.

Along with starting your meals with an ounce water, ensure that you include vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, cabbage as well as broccoli, spinach, and bananas to your diet. Consuming a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables at each meal , and eating smaller portions of your typical meal will aid in losing significant weight and maintain them off. Remember that calories in calories out.

Are you aware of the triggers that cause you to consume more food? One of them is stress. If you are truly looking to slim down then you must ensure that you do not become stressed over your holiday expenses or issues with your partner. If you keep a record of your stressors and the food you consume when you’re stressed you’ll be more in control of your eating habits to shed weight and maintain it. This is a part in the practice of constant self-mastery.

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