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The aptitude to write a blog post doesn’t come easily, it requires patience, dedication, and the right set of skills. Writing a blog post is more than a sum of a few words. It should keep the reader engaged and so, a writer must work on the structure of the blog to make it as enjoyable as he can. If people like and understand a piece or article, they will be inclined to share it with more and more people. So, if you want to improve your writing skills and boost your search engine optimization in Kelowna, here is a quick guide for you.

For some marketers, writing for SEO purposes and writing to appeal to the audience seem like two conflicting goals. We totally disagree here. You must use the words in the write-up that will make your brand visible, but overusing the same words will reduce the readability of the blog and hampers the appeal of your work. And you do not want this to happen. In fact, a high key phrase density can send a signal to Google that you are trying to stuff the keywords in your text, and this can negatively affect your rankings.

The following piece of information will offer a quick guide to make your blog SEO-friendly and readable. Both of these goals should go hand in hand as we believe that writing in understandable language will get you more visitors and keeps them hooked to your site. Check the following:

Do the Keyword Research – Before you Start

For a blog to help you with search engine optimization in Kelowna, it is important to do keyword research thoroughly. To dominate the search results, using the right set of keywords is very important. And once you find out the keywords, it is time to enter the match. Here is what you must do.

Think before you write

Before you start putting down anything on the screen, you should carefully think about what you are writing. Visualize what you want to tell your readers, or which pain point you are addressing? What’s the purpose of your article? And what do you want your readers to do at the end of the page?

Note down the answers to these questions before you start writing anything.

Devise a structure for your post

To write readable content, you need to first define a clear structure, which means every post should have:

* Some sort of introduction

* A body

* A conclusion

When you follow a structure, your audience will be glued to it until they read the last word.

Use paragraphs and headings

Using paragraphs is easy, but using them thoughtfully is difficult. Do not start each new sentence on a new line just because it looks nice. Also, mind the length of each paragraph that you create. Every paragraph should have an idea and a conclusion in itself. Ask yourself the main idea of each paragraph. Try to summarize the same idea in one sentence.

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