Top Tips To Host a Mardi Gras Party

Do you know what is the greatest things about Mardi Gras? You do not need to live only in New Orleans to enjoy it. While you enjoy looking at those original Mardi Gras Beads in New Orleans, you can celebrate the occasion with the same zeal and gung-ho to honor the event of Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras is a popular annual event for all of us and we must do our best to celebrate it, whether in New Orleans or anywhere else in the world.

You can best channel the spirits of this event by reaching out a good carnival store. You might think that bringing the real fun of Mardi Gras home can be tricky. From incorporating the traditions of music, throwing parties decked out in wigs and wild outfits, parades, to dancing, and revelry all into an intimate setting is a bit challenging, but it can be done. The following are some tips that will help you.

• Preparing a festive menu. Celebrating Mardi Gras is all about preparing for a festive menu. You need to stay on top of theme and prepare foods that fit the occasion. Think of some authentic New Orleans appetizers and main course to serve your guests. For example, a charcuterie board with pre-cooked andouille sausage.

• Do not miss out themed beverages: A Mardi Gras party isn’t only about food; it is also about glasses of drinks clinking about loud in happiness. Some options we have are Mimosas with the glass rimmed with Cajun seasonings, Cajun bloody Mary’s garnished with a jumbo shrimp, and so on.

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