Urn for mom, urn for child

A unique urn for a special person. How to find her?

It’s hard to find yourself in such a huge number of proposed products. How to find a gem among the mass production flooding us?

Remember Forever offers hand-made urns of the highest quality, each one is carefully checked, which translates into the highest quality of products.

The most important relationships are those between parents and children. When these relationships are cut short by death, both sides suffer greatly. Losing a parent or child is the saddest experience you can experience.

special urn for mom, special urn for child

Urn for mother.
The bump is big. It is enough for the urn to be adapted for an adult. Below you will find five urns that best suit your mother’s funeral.


Urn for a child
The baby urn is smaller. Remember Forever offers stainless steel urns adapted to the ashes of a child. Beautiful and solid urns with ornaments and memorial plaque



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