What is lemon law for cars Texas?

If you’ve purchased a new car or truck that has a manufacturing defect and your vehicle isn’t repaired after a reasonable number of attempts, Texas law allows you to return the vehicle for either a refund or an exchange for another one. 

To be considered under the terms of the car repair warranty law, the defect must substantially impair the use of your vehicle.

What is the Texas lemon law?

The Texas lemon law is the term used to refer to Texas’ motor vehicle warranty statutes, codified at Chapter 2301 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code.

These laws provide remedies for purchasers of new vehicles who have been sold a defective car, truck or motorcycle and cannot get it repaired in a reasonable amount of time. The statute covers defects that occur within 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) after delivery. It makes certain that consumers are reimbursed for expenses they’ve incurred in trying to resolve their dispute with an automobile manufacturer or dealer.

The lemon law was designed to help people who have purchased or leased new cars or trucks that have manufacturing defects, also known as non-conformities. This is a legal term because it is used in the Texas lemon law statute.

Under the no lemon policy, a manufacturer is liable for damages if it sold you a car with a nonconformity that substantially impairs the use, value or safety of your car and does not repair it within four attempts (not including those denied by you) or within 30 days from when they first learned about the problem, whichever comes first.

The onus of repairs is on the dealership as per no lemon policy

The lemon law requires a manufacturer to repair such defect or problems in a reasonable number of attempts. If a manufacturer fails to do so, it must allow you to return the car for a refund or replacement – another vehicle of comparable value and features – under the terms of the original contract. This provides relief for the disgruntled car buyer suffering after buying the lemon car.

The Texas Lemon Law applies only to new cars that have been purchased or leased (not rented) as well as used vehicles sold by dealerships with fewer than five locations within any 12-month period. Under certain conditions, it may also apply to new or used trucks, vans and recreational vehicles purchased from non-dealers.

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