What Is The Most Common Cause Of Tooth Pain?

Whether it is you or your child, teeth can hurt due to a number of reasons. You had a delicious dinner with your family and the moment you are done eating, you feel a quick sensation in your mouth; may be because a piece of food has stuck between your teeth and it is hurting your gums. A throbbing teeth pain can be quite discomforting and Debbie Graham is here to help you. When it comes to teeth pain, you are not alone. A survey reported than 88% of the population has suffered from tooth pain at least once in their lives. We can all relate to such tooth pains and the reason for your tooth pain may be different from others.

While we are talking about common tooth pains, you should be careful about your children too. If your child complains about tooth pain regularly, you should go a visit pediatric dentist clinic in Salt Lake City without delay. Tooth pain can occur due to many reasons, we will discuss a few common ones here. Check them out.

1.Tooth decay: You or your child is suffering from tooth pain because there is an inherent cavity that you cannot see. Tooth decay is not very prominent and as it lingers on the sides of the teeth inside, you cannot see it even when you brush your teeth. You can see the decay only when the decay moves further into the tooth leading to an infection. Cavities are caused by bacteria that builds up over time due to an unhealthy diet and poor dental hygiene. Fortunately, cavities can be corrected with antibiotics and a simple filling. Talk to your dentist today.

2.Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures: Tooth sensitivity is a normal issue and there is nothing to create panic about. You should be careful when it becomes unbearable for you. Excessive tooth sensitivity occurs when your tooth enamel is worn out. And so, you feel pain when you eat anything cold or hot. If your sensitivity is mild, you can often ease that pain with the help of a toothpaste, but if the pain persists, you must go visit your dentist. Tooth sensitivity is also common in children and if you see it in your child, talk to Debbie Graham, Salt Lake City pediatric dentist.

3.You are brushing too hard on your teeth: Brushing two times a day is a routine, but your must brush your teeth gently. When you brush too hard on your teeth, you do more harm than good to your gum line. This also leads to temperature sensitivity as the root of the tooth becomes more exposed. Be cautious here because there is no way to undo the damage caused here. Talk to your dentist at the earliest.

For more information about your tooth decay, you can reach out to us anytime you want.

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