What to do when you have bought a lemon car?

Everyone dreams of buying a car, but this dream can turn into a nightmare if you get a car with a manufacture defect. You might have a lemon car, but you might not be aware of it. You will surely feel cheated and are well within your rights to feel so. 

In this article, we will discuss what a lemon car is and what Manufacture defect can be considered substantial. 

1- What is the lemon law?

The lemon law in Texas enables consumers who have leased or bought a new vehicle but have recurring problems and defects to get their vehicle repaired under warranty. The law can help consumers get their cars repaired, replaced, or repurchased. This can be less expensive and complicated than going to court.

2- What does it cover?

All new vehicles, including trucks, cars, motorcycles, vans, motor homes, all-terrain vehicles, electric vehicles, and TRVs, have a defect covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

3- Do used cars come under this?

Your used car might come under this law. If the vehicle you buy comes under the manufacturer’s warranty or if the problem stated in between the warranty period still exists, then assistance for repair will be available to you. 

4- How can I know if I have a lemon car

If your vehicle has the following problems, then it might be a lemon car-

1- The occurring defect is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

2- It has a substantial manufacturing defect.

3- You have provided the dealer with multiple attempts to resolve the issue.

4- If the detection has been brought to the manufacturer’s notice within the warranty time.

5- If the defect affects the market value of the vehicle.

6- If a written formal notice has been sent to the manufacturer and there has yet to be a reply or action taken from their end.

5- How many times can a dealer take to solve the issue?

Under the law, you are supposed to give the manufacturer/dealer a reasonable amount of attempts to resolve the defect and issue you are facing. If you wish to determine if you have given them ample amount of chances is simple. You should check whether you have taken the vehicle to the dealer at least four times to get it fixed or a 30-day test or safety hazard test.

To conclude,

Make sure to keep the points mentioned above in mind before you buy any car. It is better to be safe than sorry. Ensure that you are aware of all this information to be well prepared in the future.

If you end up with a lemon car and the company isn’t ready to respond or solve your issues, you can file a case against them. You should hire a team of lawyers like Allen Stewart to assist you throughout the process.

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